Here are some of the services we offer. If you have a unique request, get in touch with us today.

Spray Painting

We offer full body, custom work and trailer recoating. We have 2 x 16m heated booths that cater for most truck, trailer and commercial vehicle sizes. Having 2 booths allows for 2 teams of sprayers which in turn reduces the time vehicles need to be off the road.

Panel Repairs

With our experienced panel beating repair team you can be guaranteed of a finish that will leave your truck looking like new again after those unfortunate collisions leaving dents and scratches. We are able to offer fiberglass repair, rust repair, plastic welding and panel manipulation.



We have had the honour of restoring some beauties and old classics over the years. These projects take longer but are given first class treatment to ensure vehicles are tip top when they complete.


We offer wet and dry sandblasting options depending on your requirement. Sandblasting removes unsightly or problematic rust but can also ensure a better quality finish and longevity to the paint being applied.